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Word Whomp Unblocked

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tn-huge-whomp2Word Whomp is a flash game made by Pogo, a well-known game developer. The game’s aim is to form as many words as possible from 6 given letters in 2 minutes and a half. You can make the words with your mouse by clicking on the letters or using your keyboard by typing the letter you found and then press Enter. The words must have at least three letters and they can not be abbreviations, proper names, contractions. If you were right about the word, it will appear on the top of the screen on the listed signs. The digging gopher on the lower part of the screen advances forward when you successfully make a word. By advancing forward, you get prizes which consist of tokens and when you reach the “Spin” carrot, you will get a jackpot spin, 10, 50 or 100 tokens, which depends on the level difficulty and more tokens for each word you spell next. Moreover, you will receive 200 tokens from the “Last word” carrot.

If you are beginner, there are some things that you can try out to become better at Word Whomp game.

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big_iconThe Basic Advice Are:
• Do not try to type abbreviations, proper names or contractions because they do not work and you will only lose time.
• At first, try the Skill Level 1. This is the easiest level which will help you to get used to the game.
• Do not forget about the "Mix up" button. You can click it as many times as you want if you are stuck.
• Until you reach the Spin carrot, try to find the 3 and 4-letter words. After you pass that checkpoint, you will gain extra tokens for 5 and 6-letter words.
• The words you spelled are listed alphabetically. You can use this to your advantage when you run out of ideas.
• If there is a S letter, do not forget to use it in every word you find to form plurals.
• If there are words you did not find, take a close look at them. There is a high probability they will appear in future puzzles.